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"In addition to his execution prowess, Pedro possesses a visionary mindset that is truly inspiring. He has a remarkable ability to foresee industry trends and identify strategic opportunities that others may overlook. Pedro's strategic vision has been instrumental in guiding our team towards success, providing us with a clear roadmap for growth and innovation."
Jeronimo Mohar

Founder and CEO

"Pedro is a visionary leader that has a unique ability to think outside the box, coming up with creative and effective solutions to complex problems. His innovative mindset is complemented by his ability to turn these ideas into reality, a testament to his strong execution skills that have led to profound impact on the growth of his ventures."
Glykeria Ntakou

Co-Founder and CEO

"Pedro's mission to create a solution that empowers users to lead more purposeful lives couldn't be more relevant to today's world."
Chris Yeh

Author, Investor, Mentor

"Pedro's main superpower is counterintuitively not professional or technical - although he's got several other superpowers under his sleeve. He is at his best when he is helping others become a better version of themselves. This is the same essence and ethos I've seen him pour into waffle, making it the ultimate tool for self improvement."
Fernando Mayer


"With a strong background leading larger organizations in the corporate world, Pedro comes across a strong leader, who is empathetic towards his team members and customers. Pedro has a compelling vision for Waffle’s Search & Discovery platform, at a time when the incumbents & this industry is ripe for disruption."
Sarfraz Nawaz

Principal Product Manager at Apple Maps, Ex-MSFT

"Pedro excels at executing highly technical projects, asking the right questions and inspiring the team with a deep sense of focus and purpose. It was a great experience to work with him."
Itamar Leizorek


"Pedro's a gritty founder applying his substantial experience to a space he's called to. Always love seeing that."
Jason Yeh


"Pedro's relentless determination propels him forward when he believes in the best course of action. He consistently sets and pursues his goals with unwavering focus."
Francisco Llamosa


As a leader, Pedro excels in creating a visionary yet achievable roadmap for the team and leads by example. He has a natural ability to attract and nurture top talent, fostering an environment where innovative ideas and diverse perspectives thrive. This was particularly evident in the successful journey that we shared at IPEA – Think Tank."
Armando Regil


When I think of Pedro, I see a visionary leader with exceptional people skills. His tech-savvy nature consistently provided spot-on suggestions for the management challenges in my startup company.
William Burgos

Co-Founder & CEO

"Pedro has an excellent track record of building and leading high performance technical teams to develop and implement software and data solutions in bioinformatics, digital transformation and for the past months, personal data management."
Daniel Servitje

Co-Founder and CEO

"The most resilient and ambitious leader I have ever worked with."
Alba Castañeda

Executive Chef

"Pedro is driven and direct, always seeking optimization with the best intentions at heart. His expertise is fueled by his philosophical and technical curiosity, ensuring he achieves things in the most organized and efficient way possible."
Mariana Fichtner

Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

"Pedro’s proactive approach to problem-solving and his entrepreneurial spirit have not only inspired the entire team but have also fostered a culture of innovation and collaboration. Pedro’s astute business acumen, and keen industry insights have consistently impressed me. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked alongside such a visionary leader."
Umar Mushtaq

Founding Team, Product Owner

"I have had the opportunity to share with Pedro the design and implementation of several projects. His leadership capacity is admirable, the sensitivity that Pedro has to attract talent and transmit the essence of the culture that the projects require is unique."
Andrés Jurado

Chief Commercial Officer

"Pedro's innovative ideas and supportive leadership style distinguished him as an outstanding leader within the company. I confidently recommend Pedro for his unwavering commitment to excellence and his talent for motivating and inspiring his team."
Junaid Maqsood

Founding Team, Senior Engineer

Reshaping the digital Landscape into a tool where users are empowered instead of exploited.

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  • 🪨 Be sure to work on something meaningful as it will take at least a decade to achieve.
  • 🪨 Be persistent and focused on the mission.
  • 🪨 Be effective, be efficient, and know the difference.
  • 🪨 Attract the best talent, remove their obstacles and nurture an environment of trust.

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