18 Years of Applying Technology to Human-Centric Problems

Human Consicousness
2007 - 2012

Neural Engineering Specialty

As a teenager I started to seek a deeper understanding of what makes us human and how we can lead lives of personal growth.

I therefore embarked on a quest to explore our mind and body from the perspective of electrical impulses and emerging behavior, which led to a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering specialized in Biomedical and Neural Engineering from CU Boulder.

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Human Development
2011 - 2012

Co-Founded Skills Marketplace

During my time in college, I co-founded a marketplace to enable individuals to monetize and build skills in a modular way instead of the traditional "4 year degree" approach. We wanted to provide an alternative to the stagnation most adults face in their intellectual development.

Pursuing this venture provided me with substantial insights into go-to-market strategies and building marketplaces.

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Human Life Services
2012 - 2018

Smart Cities CIO

As I reflected on what I wanted to work on, I realized how life these days is stressful and expensive and how governments aren't being able to solve a lot of the problems they're meant to address.

Because of this I joined one of the world's biggest real estate developments as it's CIO. Here we built "life as a service" — focusing on providing maximum quality of life at minimal costs.

I learned about every conceivable type of personal data, scrutinizing wether technology is truly solving human issues, and the importance of respecting data privacy.

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Human Health Insights
2013 - 2016

Co-Founded Bioinformatics Startup

During my time in Mexico, we got frustrated by the limited focus on disease prevention. This led to the creation of Abraxas Biosystems. While it became one of the leading bioinformatics companies in Mexico, due to long sales cycles it evolved into Abraxas Ventures.

This experience proved foundational to my understanding of healthcare data, insights and patient care.

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Human Empowerment
2019 - 2020

People Analytics CPO

During my tenure as CIO I realized that while using leading tools and optimizing processes was essential to our mission, attracting and managing  talent was the third and most important part of achieving our goals. I therefore focused my efforts towards becoming the Chief People Officer (CPO) of +800 employees.

As CPO I was able to recruit and reallocate talent, improve our internal processes and build our people analytics to assist employees in mapping the diverse aspects of their lives — improving happiness, retention, performance, and growth.

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Human Assistant
2021 - present

Founded Waffle

Waffle is being developed as a focused space and assistant for self discovery and personal growth.

Inspired by RPG-Games, Waffle will revolutionize how we engage with ourselves and our interests. It will do so by carving out a safe digital space to dive deeper into ourselves and by surfacing the personalized content, products and experiences that will help us "level up" in real life.

We are convinced there's nothing more important than helping people feel excited about who they are and who they can become. We're starting with parenting and family, and moving on to other life stages in the coming years.

Waffle has the Ambition to become one of the biggest, most Trustworthy human-centric companies.